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Artículo: A Guide to Update Your Interior Design: Seven Steps to Inspiring Home

A Guide to Update Your Interior Design: Seven Steps to Inspiring Home - ART AVENUE

A Guide to Update Your Interior Design: Seven Steps to Inspiring Home

It's not rocket science to understand the basic designs and color combinations for the interior design or ambience of your house. Everyone dreams of owning a beautiful, liveable house and implementing their idea to design and outline the structure of their dream house. Be it any space in your house; you need to put your heart into designing and configuring your house to enhance its appeal. 

We count on interior designers while constructing our dream house or updating the outlook of the existing house. However, these designers come with pricey tags for touch-ups and interior decor updation, and interior design styles. And that's when we decide to unleash our resting polymathic self to execute DIY skills. Below are some practical pointers that will ensure you renew your house with the best possible outcomes.

7 To-Dos To An Inspiring Home

1. Measurement

A vital step to consider before you go ahead with re-designing and re-shaping your entire house. Having a proper measurement of each space in your house ensures that you fit the objects at their appropriate place. Sometimes we just let things get fixated at a place without putting much emphasis on its' orientation. Measuring spaces in your houses also let you decide what to pick when you buy home decor objects.

2. Cleanup

You need to bring up that zeal and revive the moments you cherished while stepping into the house for the first time. Broom up your entire house using a vacuum cleaner or traditional broom and reach all the nooks and corners of your house where you never laid your hands before.

3. Rough sketch

Prepare a sketch and outline the designs. You dont need to be a polymath like Da Vinci or a distinguished painter like Bob ross. Just lay down your thoughts and design ideas on paper and bring them to practicality. We are talking about the objects, entire home decor, walls, floor, ceiling. Decide on how it should look and a preset and then curate objects in the house accordingly.

4. Rearrangement and Spacing

The rearrangement step comes as a necessity while you're on the job of updating the interior design of your house. People often rearrange the objects throughout the house to make it spacious, look new and exciting, and refreshing. Spacing in the house plays a vital role in maintaining the aesthetics and decluttering the hotchpotch situation in a room.

5. Lightings

We need to ensure a fair balance of natural and artificial lighting in the house. For instance, your kitchen needs to be airy and require a source of natural light. A bedroom with soothing and ambient lighting, a drawing room with a hanging crystally chandelier, and a couple of wall lamps through the gallery ensure ample lighting.

6. Colors and shades

Choosing a color palette or scheme goes a long way in your interior design planning. A proper color scheme enhances the overall room aesthetics. For the master bedroom, beige-blue, beige-creme, and white combination gives out a serene and soothing appearance. A single color tone for the kitchen wall with lightly textured cabinet doors do the job.

7. Reconsider floor and ceiling

The most sophisticated aspect of interior designing is to take care of the floor. An elegant floor design ensures a lasting impression on your guests. There are plenty of ways to make it appealing, for, eg. fancy handmade rugs and carpets, vinyl floor for the living room, a centerpiece floor design at the entrance, a marble-textured kitchen floor, and a hardwood floor with patterns for the bedroom. Choosing the right false ceiling for bedrooms and living room is equally important.

A well-maintained and caressed house is what we call a 'Home.'

Owning a house brings along a lot of responsibilities and demands care. A house tells quite a deal about the owners and their lifestyle. We should consider maintaining our house with all necessary upgradation just like we caress kids and our loved ones. We can also rely on trusted interior designing agencies like Art avenue for our house interior design.

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