We're always hunting for treasure. We love finding smart, imaginative people who feel a connection to us, our customers and our stories. We're tirelessly seeking out new ways to inspire our customers. We bring our product to life in our customers' homes and we work hard to make their self expression easy.

    We look for:
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to appreciate, inspire and be inspired by others
  • A connection to the neighbourhood and its local treasures
  • A passion for helping people express their style and tell their story at home
  • A love of connecting to customers through selling and service
  • A willingness to dig in and contribute
  • Excitement about the opportunity to make great things happen for the customer and for our brand

Our brand, our story is continually evolving. We are a dynamic, fast-paced brand with an exciting growth strategy. We value imagination, diversity and giving people the opportunity to explore, grow and shape our future. 

Internship opportunities at Art Avenue

We are on constant look out for interns who can help us grow with their fresh innovative ideas . If you think you can contribute to our brand in some way or another we would love to take the conversation further.