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Artigo: How to pick the perfect area rug for your living space

How to pick the perfect area rug for your living space - ART AVENUE

How to pick the perfect area rug for your living space

Are you looking for a perfect area rug for your living space? Picking a perfect area rug for your living space encompasses incredible ideas and home interior knowledge to accomplish the desired rug for your living space. Rugs that define a work of art and are also good for the shielding of your living space will captivate the center of your living space.

Ideal rugs will glorify your living space character by adding some modern yet ethnic touch. Though choosing a perfect living space area rug can sometimes be an arduous task. Here we are with some of the best ideas to pick the right rug for your living space. Because choosing the right rug with the right size and shape is crucial to enhance the overall styling of your space. 

Ideas to pick the perfect rug for your living space 

Styling your living space with the perfect rug is everything you need and blending with the creative portion that culminates into beauty and sculpture. The fusion of conventional yet modern stroke adds a regal impression into your living room. 

  • Style your living entrance with rectangular rugs

  • rectangular rugs

    Fix your living entrance with artavenue rectangular rug collection, these rugs set perfectly fit into your space and bring out the versatility of your living space. With hand embroider and block printed design with the essence of modern and traditional composition, HAVANA-BLOCK PRINTED RUG is an out-and-out match for your living space. 

  • Make a fuller space with floor runners 

    floor runners

    If your living area requires wider space yet adds cozy vibes into your space, you should consider these block-printed floor runners which add a contemporary feel to your space. You can style these floor runners as a sitting mat, meditation mat or just to add warmness to your flooring for your loved ones. Following the idea of the basic and minimalist, these floor runners are the ideal piece for your living space.

  • Add on personal space with circular rugs

    circular rugs

    If you are looking to add a personal space into your living space then circular rugs are an excellent alternative for your modern living room. These rugs are made with recycled fabric which comes in different textures and designs for different purposes like decorating coffee tables or styling the corner of your wall. From our crown collection, NEMESIA-ROUND RUG is a must check.

  • Kilim Rugs - Never go out of style 

    Make your space with more royalness and authenticity, Kilim Rugs are the perfect example of royalness and realism, made with handwoven and different designs with every rug incarnate, these rugs will perfectly fit your modern living room area. Rugs that ennoble the characteristics of your living pad and transform into a well-furnished living space. The ORION-KILIM RUG made with the traditional handwoven process using natural fibers and dyes is one of the best kilim rugs to add a classy touch to your space.

    Determining the perfect area rug for the living space is a process of assembling the creativity and commitment towards transforming it into the perfect canvas that goes with your home interior. Art Avenue offers a supreme rug collection that goes pretty well with your every living space necessities. Adding contemporary yet conventional push - the rugs surely intensifies your living space into a miracle one.

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