Fashion Jewelry Trends of 2021

Fashion Jewelry Trends of 2021 - ART AVENUE

In the Modern world, jewelry has become a substantial part of fashion. Delicate necklaces to brackets and earrings all are included to complete the fashion look. Fashion jewelry includes jewelry made from metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum which are also called costume jewelry. While sometimes fine metals such gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamond are also used as exclusive fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry varies from necklaces, earrings rings to hair-arm accessories.

1) Keep it minimal

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The more jewelry you wear the messier it looks. So to keep your look elegant use a few pieces of jewelry at a time. For example, if you are wearing a heavy necklace you can skip the earrings.  It's not mandatory to wear earrings along with the neckpieces all the time. Also for the rings, you do not need to put rings in all your fingers. Just one delicate ring in one finger of a hand adds elegance to your look.

2) Mix and Match

Well over time, it was considered to wear the same color of jewelry as the color of your dress. But the new trend is to wear mix match jewelry. Now that does not mean to wear completely different earrings from your dress but to wear something that is in contrast to it. If you are wearing a black dress that has a little high neck you can go for a white pearl neckpiece. That's how you can mix match using contrast color.

3)  Accessories for arms and fingers


Fashion jewelry also includes a variety of jewelry pieces for fingers and arms. You can explore a wide variety of fashion jewelry online. Use these arms and finger jewelry in the right place If you wear a simple dress you can go for the big single stone rings that can add sheer elegance to your look. If you are dressing for a party use a simple delicate stylish bracelet to complete your look. If you are wearing a bracket you can skip the ring and paint your nails.


4) Mixing of Different Metal jewelry

It was in the old times where all gold or all sterling silver were considered fashion jewelry in India.

But it's no longer the case according to new fashion trends. When you are mixing two metals you need to be very careful. Apply all your fashion knowledge to mix the different metals. You can get such sets of fashion jewelry online.

5) Floral Jewelry

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This is the emerging fashion jewelry trend of 2021. Floral motif jewelry for mehndi and sangeet functions as well as for simple celebration looks are all set to become fashion trends of 2021. You can incorporate floral motif jewelry to add eternity and purity to your look. Floral jewelry is all set to be the biggest Bridal trend in the coming years.


So, these were some of the latest fashion jewelry trends of 2021. Follow these trends to get a graceful appearance for every occasion.


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