Why you should invest in wall hangings

Why you should invest in wall hangings - ART AVENUE

Wall hangings are an instant and charming way to liven up your living space. You can set the mood in a room by turning a blank and characterless wall into something magnificent one can’t take their eyes off!

Not only do such pieces improve your home décor collection, but they don’t even take up actual space! You can opt from a variety of themes, which adds a sense of texture and matches the colour palette of your room. It could be something soothing that blends with the space, or walk down a completely different path to choose something bold that pops out.

wall hangings


Why wall hangings are a must have

Handmade wall hangings

A wall hanging creates a focal point in the room, which is an essential factor in interior designing.  It may be extravagant art centred on the wall or a bohemian piece taking over the entire wall. It solely depends on the inhabitants of the home and how they want to showcase their personality through art.

What makes investing in wall hangings a clever choice is that their use is chic and flexible. They can be rearranged in a unique setting each time if you wish to change their location. Contrary to the name, wall hangings may even be used to enhance the look of your cupboards, bookshelves, doors and so on. There’s no limitation to its usage.

Compared to other pieces of home furnishings, wall hangings are much cheaper. They are convenient to find in any home store as well as online now.

A sustainable alternative

handmade wall hangings

If you want to go in for a more sustainable option, you can consider buying them from local artisans and other small businesses. They are eco-friendly, well priced as well as of high quality. Since they are hand-crafted, they are also one of a kind which makes them all the more special. In addition to beautifying your house, you will also be beautifying the planet!

Another excellent way to dress up your space is by making your own wall hangings! That is also a sustainable way to go about it, as you can upcycle, recycle and reuse materials from your own home to create something novel and artistic. Items such as old hangers, yarn, an odd earring or two and maybe even seashells you collected on your last trip to a beach put together could make beautiful hangings. It’s up to you and your creativity and of course, your taste!

At the end of the day, handmade wall hangings are what frames the room. It pulls the entire room together and makes it look complete. It is the point of focus and the very element that changes the appearance of a room from functional to phenomenal.







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